Contemporary Indonesian/Persian/Chinese Fusion Solo

Choreography: Wan-Chao Chang
Sound: Dan Bales
Performer: Wan-Chao Chang
Costume: Wan-Chao Chang

Premiere: World Culture's Dance Concert, McKenna Theater, San Francisco,CA, November 10, 2007


For a long time I wanted to make a piece about fear and the world of "you shouldn't touch". I thought of the social psychological burden placed on women, for example. In many cultures, women were forbidden to see visitors/strangers; they could only see shadows from behind the screen, or through very small windows. I created the solo piece "Windows" to express the awareness, fear, desire of the world outside of the safe cage, and the struggle associated with the female role. Though in the end the character walked away and didn't open the window and didn't cross the border which the society built around her, she is aware of another world. I, a not-risk taker, often choose to walk away from conflicts or injustice. "Windows" is a piece about my own struggle - I am hoping there will be a day I will have enough courage to take risks and make difference.

Since it's about different emotions related to the female role, I used movement developed from dance and martial art from Indonesia, Persia and Chinese for their feminine and dynamic qualities. Some parts were improvised with the live musicians I worked with on the stage.