(2008, 2009)

Contemporary choreography infused with various Asian dance movements. It was developed from Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, and Armenian dance vocabularies, saturated with the subtle dichotomy of release and control.

Wan-Chao Chang

“Form 3” by Greg Ellis, from “Kala Rupa”
"Szerelem" by Stellamara, from "The Seven Valleys"

Wan-Chao Chang

I was interested in exploring the diverse qualities of subtleness, release and control from different Asian dance forms, and the formats of connection among performers. In this piece, I extracted some movements with similar quality from Chinese, Korean, Mongolia, Indonesian, and Persian dances, then reconstructed and developed phrases infused with the various styles. I also used four dancers to play with spacing, floor plan, and interaction.

"There" was originally developed from a workshop exercise for dancers with limited Far Eastern dance training. The purpose was to create series of exercises to help trainees to apply release and control quality to various movements, and to compare and oppose subtleness and sudden outbursts.

The first part of the piece was presented in July 2008 for the Safar-e Bienteha, Eternal Journey at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater. The second part of the piece was premiered at the Eve's Elixir - Eyes of Eve in April 2009 at the Cowell Theatre.

Miriam Peretz, Jade Raybin, Hannah Romanowsky, Kristen Sague, Wan-Chao Chang

Lighting Design: Cathie Anderson
Video Cameras/Editing: Kevin Bird

Keep Her Safe, Please! Jakarta 1998
October 17, 2010
Cowell Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA