I thought here is my home
from "Keep Her Safe, Please! Jakarta 1998" (Scene III)

Contemporary choreography movements developed from Chinese and Indonesian dance movement

"Where can be my home land? Where can I root?
I devote myself to the lands where I was born, were I was raised, were I moved to, and where I see as my home... but really, can I call it home, where I have been called Alient or Non-Local?
'Go back to where you belong to!'- I heard the voice toward 1st, 2nd, 3rd,... Nth generation immigrants, many others like my grand-parents and my parents in Indonesia as ethnic Chinese, my parent and myself in Taiwan as newer Chinese immigrant, and myself in US.

Seeking... the land where I can build home, the heritage I can carry with me and go beyond."

~ Wan-Chao

Oct. 16, 2010
Fort Mason Center Cowell Theater, San Francisco, CA, USA

Choreographer: Wan-Chao Chang
Composor: Jason Jong
Musicians: Eric Chang, Jason Jong, Kenji Chienshu Liu, Michael Wong, Marvin Yee
Dancers: Wan-Chao Chang, Emelie Mahdavian, Miriam Peretz, Jade Raybin, Hannah Romanowsky, Kristen Sague
Costumes: Wan-Chao Chang
Lighting Design: Cathie Anderson
Camera: Silvia Matheus

Work-in-Progress Presentation
May 8, 2010
Festival of the Silk Road
, Mexican Heritage Plaza, San Jose CA, USA

Choreographer: Wan-Chao Chang
Music: Excerpts from "Poem of Chinese Drum", by Yim Hok-man, from Master of Chinese Percussion; Music composed by Wan-Chao Chang, Jason Jong
Dancers: Aliah Najmabadi, Tara Pandeya, Jade Raybin, Hannah Romanowsky, Kristen Sague, Wan-Chao Chang

Work-in-Progress Presentation
October 11, 2009
2nd Sundays
, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, CA, USA

Choreographer / Dancer: Wan-Chao Chang
Music: Excerpts from "Gendair Cello Flute Piano", by Singgih Sanjaya, from Indonesia Postmodern Vol. 1
Camera: Silvia Turchin / Loren Robertson Productions