Common Prayers

(Working Title "Crossroad", 2007)

East European Folk Dance in new form

Choreographer: Wan-Chao Chang
Performer: Westwind International Folk Ensemble
Music: "Troll in the Desert," "Dublin, Bukhara" from DARMA
by Eyal Sela, Magda Music
"U Lamentu di Ghjesu" from Le Mystere des Voix Corses
by A Filetta, Olivi Music

I am always inspired by East European folk dance and music - step, rhythm, and mostly, the sense of community and joy of participants. However, people in this region have been suffered from conflicts between different ethnic groups, religious, economic interest, and political power. Heartbreakingly, I wanted to create a piece to explore the similarities of diversity - we are all human being and have the same feeling no matter the color of skin and name of god(s).

"Common Prayers" therefore weaves steps from traditional folk dances, particular Balkan region (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia) and some step from Israeli and Turkish folk dance. Fusion allows a blending of elements that gives expression to layers of cultural crossings.

It was choreographed for folk dancers who appreciate cultural difference and sense the power of community from inner heart.

2nd Sundays (Work in Progress Presentation)

Octoboer 2007

CounterPULSE, San Francisco, CA, USA