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Kompiang Metri-Davies
Kompiang Metri-Davies is a native of Bali, Indonesia, where she learned the traditional arts of music and dance from 5 years of age. She has been living, dancing and teaching in the Bay Area for 16 years now, working in traditional and multi-cultural modes, and is now the artistic director of Gadung Kasturi, a non-profit dance and music ensemble, for which she also provides choreography, arrangements and costumes, and under the auspices of which she teaches dance to children and adults.
Aliah Najmabadi
Aliah Najmabadi is an international performer and traditional dance activist of Persian & Central Asian dance. Currently Program Director for the Tajik Dance Initiative based in the Republic of Tajikistan, Aliah formerly served as Assistant Director of Ballet Afsaneh of which she was a principle dancer from 1998-2008. Aliah holds an Mmus Performance degree in Central Asian dance from the School of Oriental & African Studies (London) and a B.A. in both Iranian Studies and World Arts & Cultures from UCLA.
Jade Raybin
Jade Raybin is a director, choreographer, writer and performer that has been actively involved in the Bay Area arts community since 1996. She holds an MFA in Experimental Performance from New College of California where she studied under choreographers Erika Shuch and Krista Denio. She was a principal dancer with Aywah Ethnic Dance Company (1996-2003), and Ballet Afsaneh (2005-2007). She has extensive training in release technique, jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics, Middle-Eastern, North African, Central Asian, and Persian dance forms. Currently, she performs with Damage Control Dance Theater, Miriam's Well Dance, and is delighted to be a part of Wan Chao Dance.
Nadia Roan
Nadia Roan developed an early interest in dance when she joined San Francisco's Chinese Folk Dance Association (CFDA) where she was introduced to movement as a way of cultural representation and expression. She became fascinated by the diversity within ethnic dance and continued dancing with the CFDA for 11 years. Her passion for dance led her to also pick up ballet, jazz, hip hop, and salsa. She is thrilled to be a member of WCD.
Hannah Romanowsky
As a seasoned performer on the proscenium stage, Hannah Romanowsky draws her aesthetic impulse from many years of study in both Eastern and Western classical dance, and she has enraptured audiences with her wide range of expertise rooted in the enchanting forms of North Africa, the Near East and Central Asia. Hannah holds a degree in Dance Ethnology and World Music from San Francisco State University. She is the founder and director of the educational youth program Danceversity and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in psychology.

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Kristen Sague
Kristen Sague holds a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Michigan, as well as studying and performing in social dances in Palestine, with Folclorico de Oriente and Luis de Roblejo in Cuba, Dagbe Cultural Centre and Fatawu Sabiyu in Ghana, and with Guru Mata Prasad Mishra in India. She currently dances with Ballet Afsaneh, Sharzad Dance Company and is delighted to be working with Wan Chao Dance Company.
Tara Catherine Pandeya
Tara Catherine Pandeya is trained in multiple dance styles; ranging from Central Asian, to Middle Eastern, Western classical jazz-tap and Classical South Indian dance. She has been a principal dancer and soloist with Ballet Afsaneh for over 10 years. Tara was chosen as a featured artist through the California Arts Council's 'Next Generation' Young and Upcoming Artists Grant program in 2002. Most recently Tara was a featured soloist in the highly selective San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival for the 2007 season.

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Renee Araneda
While Renee's passion for dance has inspired her to study many styles over the past eighteen years, her primary focus has been African dance.She has performed nationwide with various dance ensembles including Lokole, The Chinyakare Dance Ensemble, Sambada and now WCD!
Miriam Peretz
Miriam Peretz is an internationally acclaimed performing artist and dance instructor. She was a principal dancer with Inbal Ethnic Dance Theater in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is now assistant artistic director and principle dancer for Ballet Afsaneh with whom she has been a member since 1998. Miriam's love of dance has led her on an extraordinary life long journey that has taken her throughout the Middle East and to her original birthplace, Israel. These cultural exchanges have inspired her to use the arts as a bridge to create respect, love and unity among people of different backgrounds and spiritual traditions.

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Emelie Mahdavian
Emelie Mahdavian is working towards her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with a designated emphasis in Performance Studies at UC Davis. She earned a B.A. in Music and Philosophy from Mills College. She is a lifelong dancer, and most recently studied dance in Tajikistan for two months. She also performs with Ballet Afsaneh.


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