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婉昭舞蹈工作室的創作理念, 是以結合世界傳統民俗舞蹈為基本語彙, 發展世界風當代舞蹈。
西元2008 年在美國 WestWave 舞蹈節展露頭角後, 接連入選絲路舞蹈節, 舊金山民族舞蹈節, 及入圍美國伊莎朵拉鄧肯舞蹈獎(Izzies)優秀編舞提名。藝術總監張婉昭因廣泛的舞蹈經歷背景, 其創作結合世界傳統民俗舞蹈與現代劇場而形成獨特的創作風格。婉昭期盼以舞蹈為語言,拉近不同文化的群眾, 來一起關心當代的共同議題。

Wan-Chao Dance, an ethno-contemporary dance project, aims to create new works rooted from traditional dance forms. WCD premiered at WestWave Dance Festival 2008, and was selected for the Festival of Silk Road and San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival shortly after its debut, and received nomination for Outstanding Choreography by the Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzies).The artistic director Wan-Chao Chang brings to her work a wealth of diverse dance disciplines, a blend of traditional ethnic dance and contemporary styles. Her goal is to sensitize audiences to the human commonality while embracing the diversity and beauty reflected in society through the language of dance.

(c) Wan-Chao Dance